OCAN 2.0
TREAT has added OCAN 2.0 to its catalogue of assessment tools. Based on the Camberwell Common Assessment of Need (CAN-C), this tool is a standardized, consumer-led, decision-making tool that assists with mental health recovery. Based on TREAT's flexible and proven platform, we offer an easy-to-use solution with a direct data submission interface, making it easy as 1-2-3 to collect, report, and submit your OCAN data.
TREAT aggregates data stored firsthand and also by your other systems, and then presents it all in a single clinical executive summary page. You'll no longer have to search across multiple sources to find what you need. With the TREAT's Patient Profile, you'll have real-time access to all pertinent information at-a-glance.
TREAT provides customers access to over 120 different clinical assessment, screening, and management tools, with value-added functions such as automated scoring, graphing, reporting, and integrated clinical documentation. And if you're looking for a unique tool that we don't have, we can easily translate it into electronic form for you!
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TREAT is a Web-based software suite of integrated healthcare solutions, including powerful clinical assessment, screening, and management tools, comprehensive care planning and clinical documentation, industry best practices, simplified data collection and submission, and detailed reporting and graphing.

TREAT is designed to systematically capture the data gathered during the clinical assessments and documentation of patients. In using TREAT, healthcare professionals and clients are able to realize accurate and meaningful severity and change data gathered by the computer program to make informed and improved decisions about treatment.

TREAT can enhance the efficiency, efficacy, and accountability of the clinical programs and the predictable submission of information to reporting bodies, such as government health departments, while realizing enhanced accuracy, thoroughness and timeliness. Standardized client assessments will enable the collection of baseline and outcome data that are critical to program evaluation and clinical utility. Such utility includes the ability of clinicians to securely access any of their patient information on TREAT from a variety of locations and the ability to securely share assessments, results, progress notes, and care plans for multidisciplinary care.

TREAT is a leader in the development of the interoperable Electronic Health Record. We firmly believe that eHealth improves patient care and align our efforts with those of government bodies and other leading healthcare solution providers. Our dynamic care plan and progress notes modules in TREAT allow for true integration with assessment scores, data, and Best Practice Guidelines. Our advanced interface capabilities also allow us to connect with virtually all other electronic healthcare systems, allowing for a seamless integrated flow of data sharing and real-time access.

TREAT can produce for program and hospital administrators workload statistics including SCIPP (System for Classification of In-Patient Psychiatry), CMI (Case Mix Index), RUG (Resource Utilization Groups), and other categorizations from their data to gather more accurate case weighting / resource allocation information.

Based on an assessment form inventory of over 120 tools and various workflow modules (Care Plan, Progress Notes, Case Management, OMHRS, NRS, CCRS, H1N1, SARS, longitudinal data transfer and charting, and more), TREAT is software that is immediately intuitive and effective to clinicians and flexible enough as a platform to satisfy administrators.

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TREAT is a product that is fully developed, supported, and offered by HInext, an IT management, consulting, project management and software development company. To learn more about HInext and its offerings, please visit www.hinext.com.


Powerful clinical assessment tools with automatic scoring, benchmarking, and results management

Detailed reporting and graphing

Dynamic care planning and progress note documentation

Integrated healthcare solutions provides accessibility and usability across the continuum of care, and automates processes to reduce duplicate efforts

Successful data submission to regulatory reporting systems, as well as regionalized and organizational data extract needs

Comprehensive administration features, including complete audit trails, customized question and answer definitions, advanced assessment settings, and full organizational and user controls

Elimination of errors caused by manual recording, calculation, and reporting

Elimination of the need to manually share assessment tool results (i.e., faxing); TREAT provides users the ability to automatically share results

Easy tracking of patient progress and clinical trends through comparative graphs, and access to previous tool results, as well as population means and benchmarking

Easily interfaces to your existing systems to support data flow (i.e., ADT integration)

Flexible implementation options


Over 120 different clinical assessment, screening, and management tools

Clinical reporting and analysis

Integrated clinical progress notes

Integrated clinical care planning and best practices

Detailed patient, user, facility, and organizational reporting and graphing

CIHI certified solution for National Rehabilitation Reporting System (NRS)

CIHI certified solution for Ontario Mental Health Reporting System (OMHRS)

CIHI certified solution for Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS)

Systems integration and clinical data sharing

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