OCAN 2.0
TREAT has added OCAN 2.0 to its catalogue of assessment tools. Based on the Camberwell Common Assessment of Need (CAN-C), this tool is a standardized, consumer-led, decision-making tool that assists with mental health recovery. Based on TREAT's flexible and proven platform, we offer an easy-to-use solution with a direct data submission interface, making it easy as 1-2-3 to collect, report, and submit your OCAN data.
TREAT aggregates data stored firsthand and also by your other systems, and then presents it all in a single clinical executive summary page. You'll no longer have to search across multiple sources to find what you need. With the TREAT's Patient Profile, you'll have real-time access to all pertinent information at-a-glance.
TREAT provides customers access to over 120 different clinical assessment, screening, and management tools, with value-added functions such as automated scoring, graphing, reporting, and integrated clinical documentation. And if you're looking for a unique tool that we don't have, we can easily translate it into electronic form for you!
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