OCAN 2.0
TREAT has added OCAN 2.0 to its catalogue of assessment tools. Based on the Camberwell Common Assessment of Need (CAN-C), this tool is a standardized, consumer-led, decision-making tool that assists with mental health recovery. Based on TREAT's flexible and proven platform, we offer an easy-to-use solution with a direct data submission interface, making it easy as 1-2-3 to collect, report, and submit your OCAN data.
TREAT aggregates data stored firsthand and also by your other systems, and then presents it all in a single clinical executive summary page. You'll no longer have to search across multiple sources to find what you need. With the TREAT's Patient Profile, you'll have real-time access to all pertinent information at-a-glance.
TREAT provides customers access to over 120 different clinical assessment, screening, and management tools, with value-added functions such as automated scoring, graphing, reporting, and integrated clinical documentation. And if you're looking for a unique tool that we don't have, we can easily translate it into electronic form for you!
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Illustrating the TREAT SARS Screning Process
Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN 2.0) Automated Tool

We are pleased to release our OCAN 2.0 tool – the latest innovative web-based assessment tool to address the changing needs of Community Mental Health organizations across Ontario. As with all the clinical assessment tools in our comprehensive TREAT product suite, our OCAN tool provides clinicians with a standardized, secure and efficient method of gathering patient information and tracking outcomes.

OCAN helps consumers assess their current situation by identifying the formal and informal support systems they currently receive and need. The results and reports provide the information your organization needs to identify service gaps and assist in recovery-oriented service planning. The tool includes both a Consumer Self-Assessment and Staff Assessment form, allowing consumers to actively engage in their assessments and care plans.

TREAT provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage your CCIM/IAR submission. We take pride in the submission record of our clients and have proven this commitment through our CCRS, NRS, and OMHRS product offerings for over 7 years.

 Key functional features of HInext’s OCAN automated tool include:
Seamless integration with your existing data collection systems to ensure continuity and eliminate redundant data entry.
A flexible assessment framework that simplifies data collection, featuring real-time edit checks, carry-forward, simple navigation and input (keyboard or mouse), and context-sensitive help.
Optional Consumer Self-Assessments, enabling consumer-led decision making at an individual level.
Immediate results showing changes in consumer needs and support over time to aid in matching needs to existing services.
Standardized OCAN reports specific to your organization, and access to regional and province-wide reports designed specifically for your needs.
HInext’s OCAN tool will streamline your mental health assessment procedures, increasing efficiency and improving client care.

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Easy set-up and flexible implementation options »
OCAN 2.0 in TREAT is offered as an online hosted service or can be installed on your own local network at your facility. With our hosted approach, we can have you setup in as little as just 3 days!

To learn more about the OCAN 2.0 in TREAT or to schedule a free online or in-person demonstration, please contact our Customer Relationship Manager:

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