OCAN 2.0
TREAT has added OCAN 2.0 to its catalogue of assessment tools. Based on the Camberwell Common Assessment of Need (CAN-C), this tool is a standardized, consumer-led, decision-making tool that assists with mental health recovery. Based on TREAT's flexible and proven platform, we offer an easy-to-use solution with a direct data submission interface, making it easy as 1-2-3 to collect, report, and submit your OCAN data.
TREAT aggregates data stored firsthand and also by your other systems, and then presents it all in a single clinical executive summary page. You'll no longer have to search across multiple sources to find what you need. With the TREAT's Patient Profile, you'll have real-time access to all pertinent information at-a-glance.
TREAT provides customers access to over 120 different clinical assessment, screening, and management tools, with value-added functions such as automated scoring, graphing, reporting, and integrated clinical documentation. And if you're looking for a unique tool that we don't have, we can easily translate it into electronic form for you!
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Illustrating the TREAT SARS Screning Process
Patient Profile: Enabling Better Informed Decisions

We are pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of TREAT’s integrated Patient Profile. The Patient Profile summarizes all the history and physical, assessment, pharmacy, lab, care plan, progress notes, and other critical data into a page.

The Profile can show information collected virtually anywhere within TREAT, as well as information collected in other systems and applications at your organization. Our flexible technology supports highly customized solutions and enables you to determine what elements you would like to appear on a Profile and in what order.

With TREAT’s Patient Profile you will enable your clinicians to make better informed decisions.

 What our customers have to say...

"[This is] true integration of many clinical applications into a single tab. One click and you have available a patient profile including diagnoses, recent lab results, current medications, legal status… this truly is real EHR (Electronic Health Record). This fundamentally enhances simplicity and safety."

– Dr. Ian Swayze, Psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Toronto, ON


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